Snow Removal Process

As part of every commercial service, we review the site with you to determine priority areas, potential hazards that may become covered by snow and where snow can be piled on your property. The resulting project map serves as a guide and becomes part of the contract.

24 Hour Dispatch

We take care not to overbook our snow maintenance crews for the demands of winter weather. When snow and ice arrive, it’s important to us to have your pedestrian walks and vehicular drives clear and safe as soon as possible.

Constant Weather Monitoring

We closely monitor winter weather conditions and have crews available around the clock for overnight and sudden snow events. Our plows are dispatched when needed so that snow is cleared for the morning hours to make sure parking, driveways and walkways are safe when the day begins.

Keeping Ice Away

Careful use of deicing compounds before or after a snow storm will provide for safe footing and prevent the snow from binding to the road. It does little good to clear away several inches of snow and leave a thin layer of ice on the surface. Most deicers are very effective at low temperatures and can keep your walks from being a safety hazard in even the harshest conditions.

Personal And Dependable

As a locally owned business, Garden City works to build confidence and trust with all of our clients. Our staff will know you and your property. This familiarity with the specific conditions on your landscape and grounds helps us give you the best service possible.