Snow blower being used by Toronto Resident

Bill 118: The Occupiers’ Liability Amendment Act, 2020

In the Spring of 2019 MPP Norm Miller introduced Bill 118: The Occupiers’ Liability Amendment Act, 2020. Thanks to the hard work of Landscape Ontario and its members, this Private Member’s Bill passed into law on December 8th. These changes have been proclaimed and are now in full effect!   What the Bill does: The Bill amends the Occupiers’ … Read more

Shot of a Toronto business area well maintained by Garden City Grounds

How To Enhance Your Commercial Property For Fall

The end of summer is a crucial time to prepare your landscaping for the cooler fall and winter months. If you don’t already work with a professional landscaper, now is an excellent time to hire a reputable landscaping company to help manage your commercial property. In this blog, we offer some important tips to enhance your commercial … Read more

Shot of well maintained commercial building

5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Landscaper For Your Commercial Property

If you’re a commercial property owner — whether it’s a condo, office building, or shopping centre — your landscaping makes a statement. Ensuring that your property is tidy, free of debris, and your grass is freshly cut, will speak volumes about your business even before someone has walked through the door. In this blog, we … Read more

Snow plow blade in front of truck

Top 4 Reasons To Outsource Your Snow Removal

As a commercial property manager, your time and resources are valuable. When a snow event happens, it requires immediate action, equipment, and manpower, which can be in short supply if not managed effectively. Snow and ice create hazardous conditions which can negatively impact your relationship with your clients or tenants — a top reason why … Read more

People and dogs playing on artificial grass

Going to the Dogs

Have you thought about wiping your feet after walking your dog? What about your dog’s feet…? Although our relationship with Man’s Best friend start’s over 30,000 years ago, the growth of Urban areas and their pet’s is growing out of proportion. Where do the dogs run, where do they socialize, play or chase the Frisbee? … Read more

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To mulch or not to mulch

Before you can answer that question there are a few more to ask: What is mulch? Mulch is any material applied to the surface of soil to cover it. There are many materials that can be used, plastic sheeting, landscape cloth, or an organic material like wood or bark chips. We use wood and bark … Read more

Looking for a new, reliable property maintenance company? Look no further…

Are you looking for a reliable landscape maintenance partner? Someone who really cares and you can count on to keep your site clean, safe and neat? A responsive company that listens? Your commercial site always needs to be carefully maintained, and sometimes needs improvements. A reliable landscape maintenance and construction company that takes care of … Read more