Going to the Dogs

Have you thought about wiping your feet after walking your dog? What about your dog’s feet…?


Although our relationship with Man’s Best friend start’s over 30,000 years ago, the growth of Urban areas and their pet’s is growing out of proportion. Where do the dogs run, where do they socialize, play or chase the Frisbee? Where do they get unleashed?

The effects of the large canine population can be heard, and sometimes smelled most in apartment or high-rise areas. Park redesign has started in Toronto, and at a High rise area in Downtown. Three High rise buildings, just off Yonge street, north of Gerrard have taken the lead with their reconstruction of the Centre court area. The pet area has been created, and designed with our high draining system, with low pile SYNLawn Pet Premium turf. Bacteria can be mitigated with Envirofill Anti-microbial infill, and odor addressed with Zeofill, a natural product that absorbs odor.

SYNLawn products offer a 15 year, warranty, and with annual inspection for seam separation, settling and or Power brooming the turf, we can keep the area looking new for a long time. Snow is no problem, UV is the biggest issue, and for the most part, snow will cover the turf over the winter.

All this for the benefit of the tenants. A clean area will translate into lower cleaning cost in the building!! An owner pointed out. A substantial Capital outlay, but the payback over time is twofold. Happy tenants and lower building maintenance, because, everybody is wiping their feet!