How To Enhance Your Commercial Property For Fall

The end of summer is a crucial time to prepare your landscaping for the cooler fall and winter months. If you don’t already work with a professional landscaper, now is an excellent time to hire a reputable landscaping company to help manage your commercial property.

In this blog, we offer some important tips to enhance your commercial property for the fall and protect it so it comes back lush and healthy next year.

Aerate & Overseed Your Lawn

The best time to aerate and seed your lawn is right before the fall. Aerating allows water and nutrients to better penetrate the roots and helps to relieve soil compaction. Following aeration, adding new seed will help to thicken up the grass and promote growth during the fall season’s ideal growing temperatures.

Add Manure To Garden Beds

Manure is a very nutrient dense fertilizer that’s great for garden beds. It will deposit nutrients back into depleted soil helping it to be more fertile the following year.

Add Mulch

To help protect your gardens, trees, and plant beds, we will recommend adding mulch to each area. Mulch will help keep moisture, heat, and nutrients in the ground surrounding your plants during the harsh winter months and will also enhance the appearance of your commercial property in the fall.

Prune & Plan Next Year’s Blooms

Pruning and splitting perennials, shrubs, trees is an important component of your property’s annual maintenance. Splitting and transplanting flowers, shrubs, and trees to another spot when one area becomes overcrowded will keep your grounds looking their best.

This is also an excellent time to remove and save any bulbs that won’t survive the winter, and plant fall flowers like mums and spring blooms, like tulips.

Winterization & Protection

Finally, one of the most important steps to protect your gardens and shrubs is to winterize them. This includes covering tender plants and shrubs in burlap to protect them from the wind and snow.

Irrigation systems and underground sprinklers should be turned off and blown out using an air compressor to ensure that they are ready for fall and winter season.

Leave It To The Professionals

All of the items on this list will enhance your commercial property for the fall, protect it throughout winter, and help to keep your grass and gardens healthy and lush.

The Farmer’s Almanac predicts that winter 2020-2021 in Ontario will be more snowy than usual, so getting prepared now is imperative!

At Garden City Groundskeeping, our team will make you look good while managing tasks that you likely don’t have the time or equipment to complete on your own.

If you are interested in learning more about Garden City Groundskeeping’s landscaping and snow removal services, please get in touch with us here.