SYNLawn at The Toronto Premium Outlet Mall

SYNLawn gives The Toronto Premium Outlet Mall its distinct look. SYNLawn’s distinguishing year round plush greenness helps making shopping outdoors in Canada that much more fun and helps to give you a little taste of the summer no matter the time of year.

There is nothing people love seeing more than a beautiful, plush green lawn. For anyone who has had the experience of going to Canada’s first open air mall, The Toronto Premium Outlet Mall, you know just how great SYNLawn can look when it is installed in a public setting.

For this project we used SYNLawn products that catered directly to the mall’s needs. By doing this we were able to create green spaces with a beautiful, natural look.

Whether it is an outdoor shopping centre, rooftop green space or a heavily shaded area SYNLawn can be installed anywhere. This allows you to create a stunning space that looks great all year round.