First Impressions Matter: How We Keep Your Toronto Business Looking Its Best

First Impressions Matter: How We Keep Your Toronto Business Looking Its Best

First impressions matter, which is why the team from Garden City Groundskeeping offers groundskeeping maintenance and commercial landscaping services to help keep Toronto, ON businesses looking their best. The Greater Toronto Area is an undeniably thriving business hub – with its diverse industries and bustling commercial centers. In this competitive landscape, businesses must go the … Read more

Shot of a Toronto business area well maintained by Garden City Grounds

How To Enhance Your Commercial Property For Fall

The end of summer is a crucial time to prepare your landscaping for the cooler fall and winter months. If you don’t already work with a professional landscaper, now is an excellent time to hire a reputable landscaping company to help manage your commercial property. In this blog, we offer some important tips to enhance your commercial … Read more

shot of as dirt path in a forest

To mulch or not to mulch

Before you can answer that question there are a few more to ask: What is mulch? Mulch is any material applied to the surface of soil to cover it. There are many materials that can be used, plastic sheeting, landscape cloth, or an organic material like wood or bark chips. We use wood and bark … Read more

Addressing Brown Spots on Your Lawn

As a property maintenance company in the Greater Toronto Area, some of the most common questions we often get at this time of year are “Why are there brown spots on my lawn?” “How do I treat them?” and “How expensive is it going to be?” We will try to address these questions as best as … Read more

Well maintained bed of flowers by Garden City Grounds

SYNLawn at The Toronto Premium Outlet Mall

SYNLawn gives The Toronto Premium Outlet Mall its distinct look. SYNLawn’s distinguishing year round plush greenness helps making shopping outdoors in Canada that much more fun and helps to give you a little taste of the summer no matter the time of year. There is nothing people love seeing more than a beautiful, plush green … Read more

patch of dead grass

Taking Care of Burnt Lawn

No one is perfect. Accidents happen. Whether it was by your own hand or from a pro, lawns can get burned. However, there are many times when this isn’t the cause of your lawn turning brown. In order to figure out what is wrong, you have to become a bit of a lawn detective. Asking … Read more

Dog playing on grass

Dog Damage and Your Lawn

A dog may be man’s best friend, but it certainly isn’t a lawn’s best friend. No matter the condition of your lawn, if you have a dog you’ll notice that your two friends don’t get along at some points. This is most noticeable the larger your dog is, the smaller your lawn is, and the … Read more