Taking Time to Work on your Game with SYNLawn

Not everyone has the time or energy to make the trek each day to work on their golf game, but we all know that if you really want to master the links you need to be dedicated.

If you want to be taken seriously when you’re out golfing you need to put in the time and effort behind the scenes. Today it is easier than ever to make sure you are getting in all the hours of practice that you want. With the help of SYNLawn and their wide range of synthetic home putting and chipping green, a custom made construction can be created that will get you on your way to achieving all your golfing goals.

There are days when you’re out golfing, and you’re just in “the zone”. There are also days where nothing is going right, and there is just that one shot you cannot quite hit. Whether it’s your putting, pitching or anything between SYNLawn can help you work on that one shot. With The SYNGreen Platinum series a custom made putting experience can be built exclusively for you. The platinum series offers not only the most realistic synthetic golfing aesthetic possible but will give you an experience so consistent that you may forget you’re not actually out at your favourite course.

We also realize that living in Toronto it is not always possible to be able to practice outdoors for twelve months a year, and that’s why SYNLawn also offers their GreenMaker series. A line of easy to assemble, pre-designed greens that are usable indoors and outdoors, can be assembled in minutes and simply hidden away when it’s not in use