4 Reasons Why Landscaping Is The Best Job

Want to know which job has flexible hours, lots of independence, and includes being outside in nature all day? The title of this blog might have been a dead giveaway, but the answer is landscaping!

If you’re not afraid of hard work, you enjoy the outdoors, and you have a special interest in horticulture or biology, then working in landscaping could be the career for you.

In this blog, we outline the many reasons why landscaping is the best job.

1. Get Exercise On The Job

Landscaping is a physical job and helps you stay active every day without having to go to the gym. Some people think that landscaping is exhausting work, but the truth is that at Garden City Groundskeeping, we have the proper equipment and technology to support you, so you’ll always be safe and work efficiently.

2. Get The Experience You Need

If you are pursuing a career in horticulture or biology, a landscaping job can put what you learned in the classroom into practical, real-world experience. There’s no better way to stand apart from the crowd by showing that you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty — literally!

As a landscaper, you will also get great experience working independently, managing your own schedule, projects, and working with clients.

3. You’re Supported At Work

At Garden City, we treat our employees like family and we care about their safety and career development. That’s why we offer extensive training and access to apprenticeship programs provided by the government of Ontario.

We have weekly tailgate training and breakfast meetings where everyone has the opportunity to be heard and stay up-to-date on all current issues.

We also believe that all work and no play really does make life dull, so we organize team building days where our team can spend time getting to know each other and having fun!

Every day the team at Garden City embodies our core values, which are exemplified by the acronym W.A.T.E.R.: Wellness, Accountability, Teamwork, Excellence, and Respect.

Several men stand with coffee for morning training.
Pictured above: The Garden City team shares a morning coffee during training in 2018.

4. Opportunities For Advancement

If you’re interested in a rewarding career and you’re ready to work hard and prove yourself, you will excel at Garden City. There are always opportunities for promotion and these kinds of discussions are commonplace to ensure our employee satisfaction.

If you are interested in working as a landscaper with Garden City Groundskeeping, you can apply on our careers page.

We look forward to having you on our team!